bringing computer science to students in underrepresented countries around the world

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We bring 
computer science to underrepresented countries

As students of an all-girls public school in New York City, our mission is to connect with students around the world in order to help them gain access to computer science education. In 2019, we fundraised a trip to Mendoza, Argentina to teach computer science to teachers and students at a partner school. We donated supplies and computers so they could continue learning to code after our departure.

Due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases globally, we have had to cancel our 2020 trip. We remain committed to connecting with students within the United States and around the world to help them gain access to computer science education. Given COVID-19 and the transition to digital learning on a massive scale the digital divide has only been highlighted and we want to position ourselves at the forefront of fixing it. More to come…

Custom Curriculum

Coding Exchange creates a customized curriculum, which includes programs like Scratch, Mirco:bit, web design, Python, and virtual reality. A custom curriculum, comprised of creative and collaborative lesson plans, aids to the needs of the school. By enforcing this curriculum to eager, international students, Coding Exchange aims to be a provider of a solid computer science based education.

Teacher Training

Computer science is a salient aspect towards socio economic success amongst a range of ethnic groups. We are not only teaching the students but the teachers as well, providing them with a foundational understanding of computer science. By mentoring teachers, we are able to bridge the digital divide from home. 

Peer Teaching Students

Coding Exchange is composed of 9 high school students and 2 alumni, passionate towards fostering a multitude of skills, derived from STEM, to the youth. In the proper setting, coding can sprout from a foreign idea to a strong ambition that encapsulates the basis of computer science. 

Donated Supplies

While funding is limited in many areas, Coding Exchange aims to provide as much supplies as the students need to further the interest in STEM education. Donated technology, such as computers, are given to the students to further stimulate their knowledge on computer science.

Coding Exchange is always looking for more donations!


Coding Exchange has an extensive data collection and evaluation system in place.
 We strive to leave a positive impact and hope to grow in our future adventures.
Below are statistics from our first trip to Mendoza, Argentina in July 2019!

Students Taught

Are Interested In Coding

Learned To Code Using



Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our supporters say:

Thank you Coding Exchange, we hope to meet you again! The mark that you have left on our students can not be erased and you see it from the grateful hugs when we said goodbye. In the classroom there weren’t Argentines and Americans, only kids and young people united working towards the same objective to learn!

Monica Pérez
Director of Digital Integration Policies

Mendoza, Argentina



Meet our team. We’re problem solvers. Creative innovators. Connected networkers. our knowledge and depth of experience is our greatest strength.

The Whole Team

Lisette Tapia


Lisette is the co-founder of Coding Exchange and a TYWLS of Astoria alum with a devotion to share her knowledge and help provide opportunities to other students globally to a computer science education. She is currently a first year at SUNY New Paltz and her declared major is Computer Science.

Nazaret Cuadros


Nazaret is the co-founder of Coding Exchange and a TYWLS of Astoria alum with a passion for providing access to computer science education to students around the world. She is currently a first year at Barnard College and is planning to study Computer Science.

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